World's First Trillionaires Will Come From THIS

Google just started using it, and it made them an extra $9 BILLION in revenue...

It's expected to be 18 times bigger than smartphones, tablets and PCs... COMBINED

And it will unleash a $50 trillion new wave of wealth...

"It's just going to blow everything away"

— Self-made billionaire Mark Cuban


Dear Reader,

Lately, some of the world’s billionaires are having a few regrets.

I’m talking about Bill Gates, for starters.

The world’s wealthiest individual recently admitted that if he were to ever go to college, he would major in this emerging field. A field that he calls “profound” and “on the verge of many breakthroughs.”

According to Gates: “If you invent a breakthrough in [this field]... that is worth 10 Microsofts.”

And then there’s Mark Cuban — owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a star of ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank.

Even though Cuban is a billionaire, he lamented that he won’t be the first person in the world to have a net worth with 12 zeros — or $1 TRILLION.

“I am telling you, the world’s first trillionaires are going to come from someone who masters [this technology]... It’s just going to blow everything away,” says Cuban.

He says it will produce “more technological advances over the next ten years than we have over the last thirty. Someone is going to create something that no one has conceived of before.”

Even Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors, says: “It blows me away. If I am this close to it and it is blowing me away, it is really going to blow other people away.”

These billionaires are excited. And for good reason...

Because not only is this technology a world changer, but it's also unleashing a tidal wave of wealth that will be unlike anything we've ever seen before in human history...

For you and me, it means a once-in-a-lifetime chance at riding this monster wave of wealth creation.

A report from Bank of America estimates that it “will yield $14 to $33 trillion in annual economic impact by 2025.

McKinsey & Company, a respected consulting firm, reports that it will produce a whopping $50 TRILLION worth of economic value through 2025.

Now, I know that’s an astronomical number...

So, to put that figure into perspective, that’s 18 times bigger than the market for smartphones, tablets, and PCs — COMBINED!

Premier market research firm International Data Corporation (or IDC) reports that this revolution will also create 823,734 jobs by the year 2021.

  • It’s no wonder that the Wall Street Journal says it’s “the next industrial revolution, poised to rapidly reinvent business, the global economy and how people work and interact with each other.”

  • Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, president of the $1 billion venture cap firm Sinovation Ventures, says it’s the “singular thing that will be larger than all of human tech revolutions added together, including electricity, [the] industrial revolution, internet, [and] mobile internet.”

  • And Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon and now the world’s THIRD richest man, says: “It’s hard to overstate how big of an impact it’s going to have on society over the next 20 years.”

In fact, it’s already adding BILLIONS of dollars to companies’ bottom lines.

Netflix, the online streaming giant, published a paper saying that the technology is actually saving the company $1 billion each year. And that figure will only grow in the coming years.

IDC says that by 2020, it will have saved U.S. businesses a whopping $60 BILLION!

Heck, it will even save the U.S. government $41 BILLION or more every single year!

And our government desperately needs the money to fix the deficit. It’s the answer to its prayers...

But we’re just barely scratching the surface of this technology’s breakthrough potential.

The Economist says simply: “It will reshape humanity’s future.”

And if you’re willing to listen over the next four minutes, what you’ll discover could do more than just make you a brand-new fortune.

It could also change your life.

Let me give you the full details right away...

A Massive Stimulus for the Global Economy


For the global economy, this technology is an absolute godsend...

See, in many countries, productivity is declining because of aging populations, shrinking workforces, and the lack of government investment.

But according to research by global consulting firm Accenture, this technology “has the potential to double the GDP growth rates of 12 developed economies by 2035.”

Now, that’s simply incredible. Talk about a potent moneymaking force!

As Mark Purdy, the chief economist of Accenture, says:

It can have a pervasive impact on business profits because it affects nearly every part of the organization — ranging from production, sales, and innovation.

MIT Technology Review says: “One industry after another is falling under its spell.”

A report from Goldman Sachs says it can “instigate disruption in industries much like the advent of the internet did.”

And it’s igniting massive disruption in the fields of agriculture, health care, manufacturing, transportation, e-commerce, finance, and more...

Are you beginning to see just how huge of an opportunity this is?

“[It] is on the verge of changing everything”
60 Minutes

This isn’t a “someday” technology we’re talking about.

Remember, as I told you earlier, companies like Google and Amazon are already making tens of billions of dollars from it.

As Forbes says: “[It] is gradually filtering into all aspects of our lives.”

And the Financial Times says:

It’s already embedded in products we use every day. Apple’s Siri assistant, Amazon’s book recommendations, Facebook’s news feed and Spotify’s music discovery playlist are all examples of services driven by [it].

From security checks at the airport to self-checkout cash registers, this technology is literally everywhere.

It’s being used in everything from language translations to medical diagnoses.

These are all examples of the disruptive technology known as artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, was once just a figment of the imaginations of some of the world’s most famous science fiction writers.

Heck, it was once just a figment of my own imagination.

The idea of fabulous machines possessing all the characteristics of human intelligence...

You’ve seen them constantly in movies as friends (like Star Wars’ C-3PO) and as foes (like the title character in The Terminator).

But this technology is taking root in virtually every aspect of our daily lives.

It’s in our smartphones, in our computers, and even in our cars.

Google’s search predictions, Netflix’s personal viewing recommendations, image classifications on Pinterest, face recognitions on Facebook, and voice recognitions (such as Apple’s Siri) are all examples.

And the birth of the self-driving car is another.

In short, all these things that were once the work of science fiction are quickly becoming reality.

And what’s making it all possible is ONE innovation in particular.

As Fortune says: “What most people don’t realize is that all these breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are, in essence, the same breakthrough.”

These advances were all made possible through an innovative approach in the way that computers are being programmed.

Traditionally, engineers painstakingly fed a computer a meticulous set of instructions on how to perform a specific task...

But what they’re doing now is teaching computers how to think,just like humans do.

So, computers can make choices like humans...

More Than 200 Million Moves per Second

For example:

  • Back in 1997, in a match that shocked the world, chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov lost to the supercomputer Deep Blue. Deep Blue systematically evaluated more than 200 million possible moves per second. And it beat Kasparov through number-crunching force.

  • In 2011, IBM’s Watson supercomputer defeated Jeopardy legend Ken Jennings by analyzing 500 gigabytes of information — the equivalent of one million books per second.

  • And in 2016, Google’s AI software DeepMind defeated the world’s top Go player, Lee Sedol. Go is a 2,500-year-old board game that’s exponentially more complex than chess because according to the New York Times: “There are many more possible Go games than there are atoms in the universe.”

You see, the basic idea is that once we teach computers to learn in the same way we do, they can absorb and process large amounts of data at a tremendous rate.

And become at least, if not more, reliable than humans when it comes to making decisions.

This breakthrough process in the way we train computers is called deep learning.

It works like how a toddler is taught to recognize the difference between dogs and cats.

A programmer can feed a computer millions of different images of dogs and cats.

And the more images that the computer sees, the better it gets at learning what dogs and cats are.

And soon enough, it can recognize the difference between dogs and cats just like a human can.

In 2012, Google made a breakthrough: It used its AI technology to train computers to recognize cats in YouTube videos.

And now, Google is using it to enable more predictive searches — with stunning accuracy!

Facebook is using it to personalize your news feed and to tag your photos automatically. Facebook users are now uploading one billion photos to its platform every single day!

Snapchat uses AI to detect faces and overlay them with playful filters and lenses.

New smart speakers can use it to recognize what you’re saying.

A self-driving car uses it to recognize the difference between a stop sign and a lamppost. In fact, these cars can now see things better than even humans can!

According to Quartz:

Artificial Intelligence research has progressed more in the last five years than in the last 50 in part because so much more data is available to use in training the AI.

In short, the more data there is available to process, the more efficient the computer gets when it comes to making decisions. And its this deep learning breakthrough that's driving the boom in artificial intelligence.

Limitless Potential!

Self-driving cars are perhaps the most popular example of AI technology. But they're really just the tip of the iceberg:

  • Credit card companies have begun using it for recognizing suspicious threats in real time.

  • Cybersecurity companies are using it to predict where the next attacks are going to come from and also to identify new threats.

  • It’s being used in agriculture to help farmers maximize their crop yields and production.

  • IBM is using it to help solar and wind companies better predict weather and also to improve alternative energy production.

  • Insurance companies are using it to help ferret out false claims and determine payouts for legitimate claims.

  • Google is using it to help doctors read and interpret medical images, which alone will be a $300 million market by 2021.

  • Enlitic, a San Francisco-based startup, says its deep learning-based diagnostic system can detect lung cancer nodules 50% more accurately than a panel of radiologists can.

As you can imagine, the uses and applications for AI technology are endless.

And you don’t have to be a science geek to see the market potential.

I’m going to give you the specifics on how you can personally profit from it. Others are placing their bets on some of the biggest, most obvious names in tech.

But they’re missing the REAL profit story...

The opportunity that I'm going to show you is far off most investors’ radars...

See, I’ve found a much smaller company that is helping power Amazon’s AI unit.

And get this: It also happens to be Amazon’s fastest-growing business segment!

Sales for this firm have been growing for the past seven consecutive quarters with no slowdown in sight.

I’m going to tell you more about this company and its immense potential in just a moment...

But first, it’s important for you to know who I am and why I’ve never been more certain about anything in my life...

My Name Is Charles Mizrahi


I started my career on Wall Street at age 20.


I remember bumping into traders like Paul Tudor Jones long before anyone else knew who he was — before he famously shorted the crash of ’87 and before he built his billion-dollar fortune.

When I ran my own money management firm, Hampton Investors, legendary Wall Street banks like Goldman Sachs, Citicorp, Credit Suisse, and others ponied up my $1 million minimum to have me manage their money.

Bear in mind that these guys are wealth managers in their own rights. But the fact remains that they chose ME to manage many of THEIR millions.

We did pretty well, too.

I was ranked the No. 1 performing market timer — not just on Wall Street but in the entire U.S. — based on the actual performance of client accounts.

Later, Barron’s ranked me its No. 1 money manager.

Over a one-year period, I netted my clients 113% returns. Over three years, I brought in 313%.

So, I know firsthand what it’s like to manage a $200 million portfolio during market booms and busts.

I was making money as a pro trader during the go-go ’80s, watched fear grip Wall Street in ’87, and invested throughout the booming '90s, the dot-com bubble and bust, the housing bubble, the '08 financial recession, and also during the strong bull market that followed.

I’ve seen it all.

And not as a bystander, either, but from the inside of Wall Street as a trader, money manager, hedge fund manager, and manager of my own personal wealth:

  • I’ve gone on runs where I’ve picked as many as 36 stocks in a ROW that have gone up 50% or more.

  • I’ve gone as long as TWO ENTIRE YEARS of active investing without a single losing position.

  • In total, my stock-picking methods have generated massive raw returns of 3,402% for my readers.

And it’s the same methodology that I use to pick stocks for my own personal portfolio.

For instance, I uncovered a company called Huntington Ingalls Industries back in February 2013. I’m up 341% on the stock, and I expect it to go much higher:


I’m also up 297% on Google:


And I’m sitting on gains of 231% in Onex Corporation:


These three stocks could have made you combined gains of 869%.

Now, I’m not showing you these gains to brag.

But rather, to prove to you that — when it comes to identifying and seizing opportunities — I know what I’m doing.

And as great as they are, I fully believe that the opportunity this breakthrough technology presents could make you even bigger gains and give you the chance to turn every $1,000 into $673,000.

Of course, there are no guarantees in the financial world. But there is absolutely no denying that the profit potential this technological revolution has is huge.

The Best Class I’ve Taken, Period

As Robin Li, the billionaire founder and CEO of Baidu (the Amazon of China), says:

The internet is just an appetizer, whereas AI is the real entrée. The latter is not a part of the internet, not the second stage of the internet; it is technological revolution comparable to the industrial revolution.

McKinsey & Company predicts that it will create $50 TRILLION worth of value by 2025. Even if it does half of what I’m expecting it will, it could make you incredibly wealthy.

Imagine what you could do with those kinds of profits. Perhaps you could use that newfound money to retire earlier than you ever thought possible or to buy that dream house you’ve always wanted.

Or you could donate it to charitable causes that are close to your heart. This is what’s important to me. And it’s what I did.

I left Wall Street because I couldn’t sit through another meeting where my coworkers discussed how to separate the elderly from their pensions or how to swindle novice investors in order to get ahead...

Because that’s what really happens. They don’t care if you make money; they only care how fat their own wallets get.

I just didn’t want to be part of it anymore.

Today, I have the privilege of spending more time watching my kids grow up and being a part of their lives. Instead of traveling around the world on business, or working late nights and weekends, I enjoy traveling with my wife and also taking my children on extended vacations.

I also taught an investing course at the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies. One of my students is now in charge of managing and allocating $9.5 billion for one of the largest multinational banks in the world.

He wrote a note to me, saying:

Your class is probably the best I have taken, period... Professors I consider great do an excellent job of breaking down complicated things to very simple terms and apply everything taught to real life examples. I think you do an excellent job at both.

Of course, I’m still an investor. I STILL have every bit of 35 years’ worth of knowledge and trading tricks up my sleeves.

But in the spirit of full disclosure, I’d like to point out a few things about my upbringing and my early years on the Street...

You see, I didn't kick off my career with a silver spoon in my mouth or with a million dollars in seed capital from my father.

In fact, my father was a warehouse manager and my family was middle class. The six of us crowded into a modest home and shared one bathroom among us.

Now, my brothers and I didn’t go to bed hungry at night, but we also didn't have much to spare...

So, when I voiced my goal — to work on Wall Street — to my parents, I had their unconditional support. But that was all the help they could afford to give me.

Oddly enough, I owe my start on Wall Street to my grandmother. I had to borrow money from her just to afford my seat on the exchange!

Without my grandmother's generosity, I wouldn't be where I am today. Perhaps that's why I couldn't stomach all the Wall Street sharks "who would eat their grandmothers for breakfast if they could make some money out of it."

It’s also why, today, investing has taken such a unique turn for me.

See, when I was managing money on Wall Street, I built fortunes for the likes of Credit Suisse, Citicorp, and Goldman Sachs.

But instead of walking away from those shark-infested waters and selling my secrets to the highest bidder (like some do), I’ve been quietly delivering the intel I've gathered to a small circle of do-it-yourself investors just like you.

And I am doing it in a way that is truly unique — by giving folks the chance to invest alongside an experienced Wall Street vet who knows how to outfox the foxes.

I use my experience and network of contacts to find special situations that aren’t on Wall Street’s radar yet, so my readers can be right there with me as new opportunities emerge.

It’s truly exhilarating...

$68,000 in Gains

Thousands of people are already using this revolutionary method to invest.

Just take a look at what they have to say...

Butch Graham, a retired accountant, wrote in to tell me:

“Thanks is insignificant for the assistance you have given us. We had lost 30+% of our retirement portfolio [prior to subscribing] and are now on track to be where we were in 2006. God bless you, your family and your staff.”

Steve Atkinson, an attorney, writes:

“Charles has made me money... $68,000 in gains from his recommendations.”

Dan Knapp says:

“Charles... Ninety percent of my portfolio is strictly in line with your picks. I speculate with the other 10%... but mostly, my retirement is in your hands so thanks for the fine job you are doing. I hope you have no intentions of retiring yourself anytime soon.”

Now, Dan’s a chief financial officer of a $400 million company, allocates money to outside managers for other people, and graduated from Columbia University. Yet, when it comes to his own personal retirement account, he follows me and listens to my recommendations.

Today, I invite YOU to join our investment community and to start reaping the profits that it provides.

The best part is that anyone can use or simply follow my revolutionary way of investing.

But I encourage you to get started right now.

This particular opportunity is so massive — and so potentially lucrative — that it could pass you by in a matter of a few days.

It reminds me of one of the biggest stock market successes in modern history: Intel Corporation.

Not too long ago, this tech giant was trading at a meager $0.11 per share. And when the PC market finally began to take off in the mid-'90s, the stock exploded to as high as $74 a share.

That’s enough to turn a meager $1,000 investment into $673,000. Or better yet, a $10,000 investment into $6.7 million.


I think this opportunity could do the same for you, without having you invest in an IPO or take on unnecessary risk.

But it won’t take 20 years for this to happen...

The Fuse Has Already Been Lit


As I said before, this breakthrough technology is already powering advancements in a whole host of industries. It's being used to:

  • Identify potential treatments for Ebola, multiple sclerosis, and various types of cancer.
  • Recognize potentially threatening climate events.
  • Help farmers detect crop disease BEFORE it spreads.
  • And, heck, even predicting trends in the financial markets.

And we're just starting to scratch the surface of the potential applications...

Experts say that there will be roughly 50 BILLION devices connected to the internet by 2020.

And I’m not just talking about your smartphones, watches, or tablets, but also internet-enabled thermostats, light bulbs, fridges, baby monitors, toasters, windows, and more...

The term for all these connected devices is called the Internet of Things, or IoT.

As the rapid expansion of devices and sensors being connected to the internet continues, the sheer volume of data being created by those devices will increase to a mind-boggling level.

But as Wired points out, deep learning "can help companies take the billions of data points they have and boil it down to what’s really meaningful.”

In other words, it can sift through the treasure trove of data being collected by all the devices to find patterns that can be learned from, enabling improvements in every facet of our daily lives.

Without deep learning, the $7 trillion Internet of Things can’t reach its full potential.

And I’m not just talking about Netflix giving you better movie recommendations or about Pandora giving you more songs that you like...

By improving the speed and accuracy of data analysis, deep learning can optimize productivity (and profits) across nearly EVERY industry on the planet.

For example:

  • It’s helping vehicle and equipment manufacturers predict mechanical failures BEFORE a part fails.

  • It's going to create truly “smart homes” with connected appliances.

  • It's going to provide critical information between self-driving cars in order to help you safely reach your destination.

  • And it will make people who start positioning their wealth now downright rich.

Ford recently invested $1 BILLION in Argo, an AI startup that focuses on autonomous driving technology.

And Toyota has established its own $1 billion AI division in the race to bring driverless cars to mass market.

Business Insider reports that there will be “10 million self-driving cars on the road by 2020.”

And the economic benefits they’re projected to produce are simply MASSIVE.


  • $507 billion gained through increased productivity. Self-driving cars can free up as much as 50 minutes a day for users. And people will be able to relax, sleep, and even work during their commutes.

  • $488 billion in savings from accident avoidance. Self-driving cars use roads more efficiently, reducing accidents and improving traffic flow.

  • $138 billion in productivity savings from avoiding traffic congestion.

  • $11 billion in fuel savings from avoiding congestion.

But cars and homes are just the tips of the iceberg when it comes to deep learning’s tremendous effects.

Countless industries are putting this technology to use by enabling its automation abilities.

Companies will soon have “employees” that:

  • Work in the dark — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Never take lunch breaks, sick leaves, or vacations.

  • Don’t need health insurance.

  • Get paid $0.30 per hour.

  • And can do the work of 10 men without breaking a sweat.

Of course, I’m not talking about people. I’m talking about robots...

Evolving at Lightning Speed and Going Mainstream at an Astounding Clip

And these robots are doing jobs that were once considered the private domain of humans and are expanding into jobs that would have been unimaginable just a few short years ago.

Earlier, I told you about IBM’s robot Watson...

With its ability to process 60 million pages of information per second, it defeated legendary Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings.

And now, taking it a step further, Watson is reviewing case histories at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center where it's learning to make diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

IBM business chief Manoj Saxena says that 90% of nurses in the field who work with Watson now follow his guidance.

And it’s not just IBM that's making big investments in robots:

  • Facebook is investing in robots to handle its $4.5 billion online advertising business.

  • Amazon just invested $775 million in a squadron of robots in order to help fill warehouse orders.

  • Apple just invested a staggering $10.5 billion in robots that can rapidly assemble iPhones and crank up its supply chain operations to maximum speed. That’s $10.5 BILLION!

  • And many, many more companies are also now turning to robots...

And all this is because, thanks to deep learning, robots are getting smarter, more sophisticated, and cheaper to produce.

It’s no wonder that Bill Gates is calling it “the holy grail" of computing science.

Like the internet, deep learning endows computers with previously unimaginable capabilities:

The Internet made it possible to search for information, communicate via social media and shop online. Deep learning enables computers to understand photos, translate language, diagnose diseases, forecast crops, and drive cars.

Deep learning is highly disruptive and is relevant for every industry.

This is just the start of what promises to be a fast, profitable ride for early investors.

Remember, earlier I mentioned how AI is expected to DOUBLE economic growth in 12 developed economies.

And this massive potential isn’t being overlooked by the world’s smartest investors. I already mentioned folks like Mark Cuban, but he is far from the only one...

In fact, the smart money has been flocking to it in droves...

Venture capitalist Jim Breyer, one of the earliest backers of Facebook, says:

Ten years from now, it will have even more significant wealth creation, stockholder appreciation opportunities, than what I believe we saw in social networks in 2005 and internet investing in 1995.

CB Insights, a venture capital intelligence firm, reports that more than $18.4 BILLION has been invested into AI-related startups over the last five years.


And investment continues to accelerate at a staggering pace.

Here’s what it boils down to...

The richest, smartest investors in America are loading up, and I suggest that you do the same — immediately.

It’s simply only a matter of time before word spreads.

When this happens, and it will...

It will be too late: You’ll be left fighting for the table scraps of the newly minted millionaires.

The Single Best Opportunity of the Next Decade

Deep learning is the future of ALL technology.

The time to get in is NOW.

And at the nexus of it all is a tiny component made by a cutting-edge company that could hand early investors 10, 15, even 30 times their money.

Again, since retiring from Wall Street, I’ve guided investors to big gains by tapping into the most explosive stocks on the market — WITHOUT touching options or risky investments.

These triple-digit winners include:

  • 419% GAINS on HII
  • 448% GAINS on ATRI
  • 283% GAINS on TJX
  • 238% GAINS on GD
  • 255% GAINS on MSFT
  • 251% GAINS on BKE
  • 193% GAINS on HCC
  • 188% GAINS on DAKT
  • 176% GAINS on COH
  • 173% GAINS on ROST
  • 168% GAINS on SYNT

But here’s the thing...

As impressive as these gains are...

They’re just drops in the bucket, compared to what you could make as the deep learning revolution starts accelerating.

And while there will be a number of ways to profit in the coming years, there will NOT be another opportunity like the one before you today.

See, we’re on the cusp of a new technological age.

It’s the very beginning.

And a remarkable — yet, overlooked — company is at the forefront of it all.

If you were to make only ONE technology investment in the next decade, this company should be it.

I have never been more certain about anything in my entire life.

Here are the details...

As I mentioned, with millions upon millions of devices being connected to the internet, they're going to produce a STAGGERING amount of data.

Deep learning technology will analyze the mountains of data in order to gain insights that can be learned from and have the potential to improve almost every facet of our daily lives.

And the absolute best way to capitalize on this opportunity is to invest in the one component that makes this deep learning technology possible.

It’s the same component behind some of history’s biggest tech stocks.

I’m talking about computer chips.

Let’s take another look at Intel...

It doesn’t manufacture computers — it creates the microprocessor chips that power them, which are also described as the “brains” of computers.

And Intel became the dominant supplier of all PCs, holding more than a 90% share of the market.

As mentioned, early investors have seen huge gains.

A mere $1,000 investment turned into $673,000.

And I'm confident that investors with the foresight to invest in companies driving the AI revolution — before everyone else realizes how big the opportunity is — will be rewarded with returns that will trump previous gains in a big way.

But it won’t take 20 years.

IDC predicts that global spending on AI will rise from $8 billion a year to $46 billion a year by 2020.

That’s 475% growth over the next two years!

A New Breed


And in order for deep learning to work, all these devices require chips with far greater computational power than what the traditional microprocessor chip can provide.

In other words, computer processors were NOT designed for deep learning. And it’s shaking the entire microprocessor industry to its core.

These new chips facilitate the growing wave of machine-to-machine communication for things like connected cars and smart appliances.

Wired is calling it “a new breed of chip that could accelerate AI from inside smartphones and other devices.”

And MarketWatch says that these chips “are the pickaxes and shovels in a potential robotic-car gold rush.”

These supercharged chips will speed up deep learning in everything from tiny devices to massive data centers.

So, to get in on the action, you will want to own stock in a company that makes these chips.

A few leading chip producers are Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Bosch.

Each company has strong profit margins. And when demand takes off, profits will surge.

The last time that demand for chips surged, the stocks of these companies jumped:

  • Nvidia jumped from $29.29 to $164.95 — a gain of 463%.
  • Qualcomm shot from $32.84 to $80.45 — a gain of 144%.
  • Bosch went from $8,251 to $26,589 — a gain of 222%.

But here’s the thing...

I’m not recommending that you buy shares in any of these companies.

For the folks who follow my research, I prefer recommending smaller companies that are well-positioned for this kind of growth with the least amount of risk exposure.

My research has led me to a stock with the potential to hand early investors much bigger profits.

Formed in Silicon Valley in the mid-'80s, this company’s CEO is a 35-year tech pioneer, and he’s using his industry contacts to lock in some very impressive contracts.

Investing in this Silicon Valley pioneer today will perfectly position you to enjoy a ride on the greatest wave of innovation that history has ever seen.

In the past year, internet giants Amazon and Baidu have signed on to use this company’s unique chips. In fact, these chips are what’s powering Amazon’s fastest-growing business unit.

Electronic Design says that this company’s chip is a “jack-of-all-trades [and that] engineers can reprogram them to handle tricky computing jobs like speech and image recognition better than general-purpose computers sold by the likes of Intel.”

In fact, this company is THE market leader when it comes to making the chips. And this also makes them one of the last great buyout targets in this explosive realm.


To give you an edge, I’ve put all the details in a special briefing called "The Leader of the $50 Trillion Deep Learning Revolution."

This report tells you everything that you need to know about this cutting-edge company, its chips, and how it will dominate its market, which gives you the chance to turn every $1,000 into $673,000.

And I am going to give this report to you for FREE at the end of this presentation.

Again, deep learning is still in its infancy.

But it's sweeping across every industry around the world.

And it’s expected to throw off an astounding $50 trillion in economic value through 2025.

Fortune 500 juggernauts like Google, Facebook, Baidu, IBM, and Microsoft have all made deep learning a central focus.

And I have no doubt, if you invest in this company today, that you will collect profits never before seen in stock market history.

Time is of the essence. This deep learning transformation is only the beginning, and the time to get in is right now.

Again, my report called "The Leader of the $50 Trillion Deep Learning Revolution" is yours, absolutely free.

But I’m not going to stop there...

Welcome to the Club


As I said: My name is Charles Mizrahi.

I spent over 35 years on Wall Street where I managed money for some of the most powerful investment firms, like Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, and Citicorp.

Today, I'm the director of a far more prestigious organization...

Park Avenue Investment Club is arguably the world’s most powerful wealth-building society.

To give you some background about it, 740 Park Avenue in New York City is what’s known as “the billionaire’s address.”

Oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller, financier Saul Steinberg, and Blackstone founder Steve Schwarzman have all hung their hats in that building. In fact, they’ve all lived in the very same apartment!

It’s one of the most expensive addresses in the entire world. There’s a reason why New York City is home to more millionaires and billionaires than any other city on the planet.

And it's because people of power and wealth congregate together, they use each other's business contacts, they socialize together...

And THAT is how the best business deals and ideas come about.

Over the years, I’ve had the good fortune to be friends with, spend time with, and pick the brains of some of the greatest investors of the last 50 years.

I’m talking about guys like...

  • Don Yacktman, who now manages over $30 billion.
  • Bruce Kovner, who founded Caxton Associates and has around $5 billion under management.
  • "Ace" Greenberg, the legendary trader turned executive of Bear Stearns.

I’ve seen the way that business relationships and contacts develop and how they then lead to multibillion-dollar deals.

Of course, not everyone can live at 740 Park Avenue. Just to be considered for an apartment in the building, you need a liquid net worth of $100 million. It’s very exclusive.

But by joining Park Avenue Investment Club, you’ll gain all the exclusive insights, contacts, and access that I have from more than 35 years on Wall Street as a floor trader, money manager, and hedge fund manager.

I created Park Avenue Investment Club with one specific goal in mind: To give you the tools, the knowledge, and the approach to turn you into a millionaire.

And not just once, either, but a millionaire several times over...

For me, making money has a very different meaning than it does for most people. I didn’t want to buy houses or fancy cars or watches. That’s NOT what’s important to me...

The Real Meaning Behind Having Wealth

When I went to work on Wall Street at age 20, there were TWO things that I wanted to have when I got wealthy...

The first thing I wanted to have was freedom: freedom from worry about where my next dollar would come from, freedom from debt, and the freedom to do what I wanted, whenever I wanted. I didn’t have to answer to a boss or watch how I spent my money.

The second thing I wanted to have was the ability to give back. And here’s why...

My three brothers and I attended private school, and because my father was a warehouse manager, he couldn’t afford the tuition.

So, once a year, he had to go in front of the scholarship committee, and they scrutinized every nickel that he made. And then they told him how much he had to pay.

This is why I swore that when I got older and started making money, I wouldn't be the recipient of charity — I would be the giver.

And this is why I joined many charitable organizations. I’ve sat on their executive boards, and I’ve even started some myself.

So, those are the two things that drove me: the freedom to do what I wanted and the ability to give to others.

Having wealth could mean something totally different to you.

It could mean traveling, spending more time with your loved ones, buying a boat and sailing around the world...

It doesn’t really matter to me what you decide to do with your wealth.

Park Avenue Investment Club's approach is designed specifically to help YOU reach your investment goals.

But also to prevent you from deviating from the path to wealth...

Club members demand only the finest research and the most compelling opportunities. And that’s precisely what they receive.

We have no relation to any outside organization. My recommendations are based on independent research and years of experience in the trenches — not backroom deals between corporations and brokerage houses.

I’ve delivered hundreds of profitable ideas to members throughout the years.

Finding the Kind of Plays That Wall Street Insiders Dream About


I use my experience and network of contacts to find special situations that aren’t yet on Wall Street’s radar.

Here’s a short story to help you understand what I’m talking about...

Back in 2012, I went to lunch with a hedge fund analyst who I’d known since he graduated college and tried to work for me. This kid was sharp.

He told me that a major defense contractor spun off its shipbuilding division. Since it was a spin-off, it wasn’t widely followed, and his fund couldn’t invest in it since it had just started trading.

I went back to my office, rolled up my sleeves, did my research — and what I uncovered made me smile from ear to ear.

The first thing that caught my eye about this spin-off company was that it was the sole supplier of nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers to the U.S. Navy — and for 70% of the company’s billion-dollar annual revenue stream. It had NO competitors!

And after poring over the company’s documents, I discovered that it had $16.3 billion in backlogged orders — more than THREE years’ worth of sales.

But here’s the kicker: The company was about to shed a number of low-margin contracts and had replacement work, at double the profit margin, already on the books.

Immediately, I saw dollar signs and not just for the company.

I sent my subscribers a buy alert and told them to buy the stock below $40 a share.

After a few short weeks, the stock started to move higher, and it’s been on a tear ever since...

I still have the stock in the portfolio, it’s trading in the $200 range, and we’re up more than 400%.

This is precisely the type of "special" situation that Wall Street insiders personally invest in and the type of opportunity that I tip my readers off about regularly...

This includes under-the-radar opportunities like the deep learning boom, which you’ll discover in my newest research report called "The Leader of the $50 Trillion Deep Learning Revolution."

I’d like to send it to you for free, right away — when you agree to accept this limited-time offer to join our unique organization.

But that’s not all...

Benefits That You Can’t Put a Price On

Here’s more of what you get as a member:

  • A new issue of Park Avenue Investment Club every single month, which gives you new buy, sell, or hold recommendations and full analyses behind each of my new picks. This way, you’ll always know what steps to take and when to take them.

  • Special Park Avenue Investment Club updates. Sometimes a new buy or sell recommendation simply can’t wait for the monthly issue. And I’ll send you these alerts right away. Plus, I’ll give you an update on our current positions.

  • Unrestricted 24/7 access to the members-only Park Avenue Investment Club where you’ll find all my monthly issues, special reports, portfolio updates, and my model portfolios — including my latest batch of stocks, which are the kind that Wall Street insiders dream about.
  • A powerful customer service support team at your disposal to answer any and all questions, Monday through Friday between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (ET).

  • The freedom to do what you want, when you want, because you’ll have your wealth building wealth.

  • A heck of a lot of fun, too!

Plus, I’ll make sure that my team sets you up with members-only access to each new wealth-building resource we develop. Giving you:

  • Access to the Angel Investing Academy (a 10-video series) where you’ll learn how to buy dollar bills for $0.50. It’s how I built my legacy of success, and you’ll learn how to take my success and make it your own wealth-building story.

  • A video of a recent investment boot camp that I hosted where I reveal the five biggest keys to investment success. And that’s just one of the presentations that are included in this exclusive investing seminar.

Also, because you’ll be joining as a charter member through this invitation, I have one more gift that I’d like to send to you as soon as I hear from you:

  • A copy of my brand new report “2 Deep Learning Power Stocks To Own NOW.” There are two companies that will be at the core of the deep learning revolution. And they both possess large amounts of data for mining. As you know, data is the fuel for deep learning. And these companies are both the dominant players in their respective markets. These are the stocks that you'll want to own for the days ahead. I detail these two cutting-edge firms in the special bonus report that I want to send you.

Again, once you sign up to join Park Avenue Investment Club, you’ll get access to me, my contacts, and also to my years of experience as a floor trader, money manager, and hedge fund manager.

You’ll no longer have to sit in front of a computer screen all day, stressing out over every wiggle on a chart. You won't need to track stocks daily. You can go about your day, live your life, and still make returns that are higher than what most who are glued to their trading screens all day long earn.

Unsurprisingly, our members are more than pleased.

I've already told you about Steve Atkinson — the investor who’s already made $68,000 from following my recommendations. That's more than most people make over the course of a year working full time. What could you do with a $68,000 windfall?

Then there’s Eric Schauermann who reached out to say:

“I have seen many newsletters and daily stock tip e-mails... but I have the most confidence and so far the highest gains with your system.”

Profits like these can be yours, too. In just a few moments, you'll have the chance to book strings of triple-digit profits like these:

  • 419% GAIN on HII
  • 448% GAIN on ATRI
  • 283% GAIN on TJX
  • 238% GAIN on GD
  • 255% GAIN on MSFT
  • 251% GAIN on BKE
  • 193% GAIN on HCC
  • 188% GAIN on DAKT
  • 176% GAIN on COH

And while I’m thrilled that these winners made cumulative gains of 2,451%, I’m also confident that these profits will look like peanuts compared to what’s ahead.

With events rapidly unfolding before our very eyes, there’s never been a better time to join Park Avenue Investment Club than right now.

Bill Gates, Robin Li, Mark Cuban, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg...

Never have I seen more billionaires who are all excited over the very same thing — the rise of deep learning.

And this company’s breakthrough chip could help you turn every $1,000 into $673,000.

I don’t want anything to hold you back from what’s at hand.

And this is why I’ve set the membership cost of Park Avenue Investment Club at a ridiculously low price.

Now, back in my money manager days, a rich client would give me money, I’d manage their account, and they’d pay the standard two and twenty — a 2% fee for assets under management AND 20% of the profits.

Because I had a $1 million minimum, the LEAST amount that my clients would pay me in a year for my expertise was $20,000 — the same expertise that I’ll be sharing with you from now on...

But that is NOT why I started Park Avenue Investment Club. I’m sick of seeing overpriced nonsense being pushed as reputable stock research, and I’m sick of mom-and-pop investors getting taken to the cleaners.

As you probably know, many charge $5,000 or $10,000 for what is essentially an impossible-to-follow portfolio or one with a track record so divorced from reality that it may as well be listed as fiction.

You deserve better than that. So, if you join today, you can gain full access to Park Avenue Investment Club for a special price of just $199.

Frankly, I think it’s a steal at that price. And let’s not forget the fortune you could make on the microchip maker that’s poised to hand early investors 10, 15, even 30 times their money. Owning shares of this firm could pay your $199 membership fee several hundred times over.

But I know that for many Americans, times are tough. I didn’t come from money, and my family worked hard to make every dollar go as far as it could. And the dollar certainly doesn’t stretch as far as it used to.

So, here’s what I’ve decided to do...

For a limited time, I’ll allow you to join for only $99 — that’s over half off the normal price.

If you’d like to join me in the technology revolution ahead — and all the best profit opportunities I uncover as they emerge — then the best thing to do is to sign up for Park Avenue Investment Club today.

I’m confident you’ll find that joining Park Avenue Investment Club is the best financial move you’ll ever make.

Many of our members are regular folks with only $10,000 to invest, while others are multimillionaires.

No matter what investment level you find yourself in, the key is to take control of your finances and grow your money now.

And I have no doubt that Park Avenue Investment Club and the principles we follow will help start you on that road today.

But you need to act fast. The speed at which this emerging opportunity is moving will pass by those who hesitate.

As soon as we receive your acceptance, we’ll rush to send you this special report by email and also all the other wealth-building resources that I’ve told you about.

Simply click on the Join Now button below this video to get started.

I look forward to having you as a member of the club.


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Charles Mizrahi
Founder, Park Avenue Investment Club


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